RE: The Longest Armed Standoff In America May Finally Be Over


So I just read this article on Huffingtonpost, you can read it here, titled ‘The Longest Armed Standoff In America May Finally Be Over’

Let me let David Lohr, writer of the original post, give you a bit of background.

“Gray, a 66-year-old carpenter with alleged ties to anti-government militia groups, has not left his fortified Trinity, Texas, property since January 2000, after he was accused of assaulting a Texas State Police trooper during a traffic stop.”

Lets dissect this one hypocrisy at a time.  Mr. Gray has ties to anti-government militia groups, lets clarify that for everyone’s sanity and call a spade a spade…Mr. Gray has ties to anti-government radicalist groups. Gray was stopped at a traffic stop where he assaulted a Texas State Police trooper. How he managed to not get shot twenty times, tased, and then have his lifeless body beat up by five officers is beyond me, but lets move right along. So this took place back in 2000. Remember the year 2000, no? Neither do I, but it was a long, long, long, time a go.

Here is what happened next:

“When Gray failed to appear in court to face those charges, a warrant was issued for his arrest. In response, Gray and his family armed themselves and began regularly patrolling their wooded 47-acre compound.”

It appears that after Mr. Gray assaulted the trooper he was given the generosity of a simple court date, which he missed, and then a warrant for his arrest. In the meantime, Gray and his family decide to barricade their 47 acre property and do daily patrols. If you weren’t sure by now, yes, he is white.

So we have this white radicalist who has become a fugitive living life outside the law in the comfort of his home. He does this for the next fourteen years, until former District Attorney Douglas Lowe, drops the case against him before leaving office in 2014.

“It had been going on for 15 years, and somebody just had to make a decision that it was time to say it’s over,” Lowe told The Dallas Morning News of his decision to drop the charges.

Wow. If there is anyone minorities all over America are envying right now, it is definitely this man. Kudos America, you have proved once again the luxury that comes with being white!


This article is in response to the original article called ‘The Longest Armed Standoff In America May Finally Be Over’

My intent is to point out the massive divide between how white criminals are treated and talked about in the media vs. how minorities are treated by cops, government, and the media.

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