Gratitude: Extinguisher of Depression


You feel a sickness inside of you. An anchor weighing you down. You might not even know why you’re feeling this way, you probably don’t. This makes you angry at yourself, leading you to a self repressive cycle where nothings makes you excited, boredom is your best friend, and self-pity and hatred are your new roommates.

This is a very real situation, and it effects so many people. It’s a feeling of helplessness inside your own mind. A feeling that no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape from. A feeling of hatred, of anger, of giving up. I know, I’ve been there.

I also know how to get out of this cycle, being in it too many times for my own good. It comes with practice and exercise. If you are willing to get better, to remove these toxic ideas from your mind, keep reading. If you aren’t, well, keep reading anyway, you might realize you are stronger then you think.

Where does it come from? 

You’re having a great day, which turns into a greet week and life is good. You are happy, things are great, when all of a sudden depression hits you. It hits you so fast and so hard you feel confused. Wasn’t I happy just yesterday? This comparison leads you to a worse state of self, eventually taking over all your faculties turning you into someone you loath.

To understand how to get over depression, we must first understand where it comes from. Now there are a lot of factors that play into you feeling the way you feel. What you eat for instance, eat too meat and you feel lethargic. Eat too much sugar, and you’ll crash and feel regret. It can come from your actions. Did you exercise? Did you meet a goal? Did you miss a goal? Maybe an evil desire you carried out is causing this feeling? These questions are important. You can’t find a solution to a problem, if you aren’t aware of whats causing the problem in the first place.

This is step number 1   – Learn to analyze yourself.

I am working hard to create a e-book that you can purchase and use as a guide to start self-analyzing yourself. This is important not only for this exercise but for a vast number of issues in life. If interested in reserving one please send me a email at

Be grateful

So now that you have analyzed yourself, understand that the root of most depression is ungratefulness, or a lack of awareness to all you should be grateful for.

Being grateful takes work, and the easiest way to ingrain this depression busting attitude is practice. Think about all you have to be thankful for, if you cant think about anything, how about your eyes? Without them you wouldn’t even be able to read the letters on this screen. How about your hands? What about the fact that you are breathing automatically, without telling or reminding your brain to do so every second of your life? How about the fact that you have life? No matter how many wrongs you have done, how many failures you have racked up, is it not amazing that you are still alive? That you still have time to re-correct those wrongs, the opportunity to experience all life has yet to offer.

Think about your friends, your family, or even better, you. You should be extremely grateful for being you. Out of the billions of people in this world there is only ONE you. No copy, no mass reproduction, just an amazing individual with purpose and specialized talents. If you just thought in your mind that that isn’t you, stop.

Repeat these words every day:

I am thankful for being me, for who I am, for my strengths and my weaknesses, because I know there is no one like me, and I am awesome! 

Gratitude is the extinguisher of depression. Depression is a trick played by our untrained minds that we don’t have enough, or we aren’t enough. Its such a simple trick, just make everything you have seem like its nothing, and everything you don’t have seem like its everything. Its a trick marketers know and exploit everyday, and you let them by actually believing their lies!

5 Steps – Take action! 

I want to leave you with a concrete action plan that if you follow it you will see results.

  1. Learn to analyze yourself.
  2. Write a list of things you are grateful for, constantly adding to it.
  3. Repeat every morning and every night: I am thankful for being me, for who I am, for my strengths and my weaknesses, because I know there is no one like me, and I am awesome! 
  4. Practice this mindset ALL THE TIME.
  5. Start seeing life through gratitude.

Follow these 5 steps for one week, just 5 days, and I promise you will see immense results. You have to work at it. Our minds have been so conditioned to be thankless, to see the bad, and doubt ourselves, that it has become normal. This will break routines that have been set in your mind for years, maybe your whole life, and it will take time. I promise the results you will FEEL will be more then worth it.

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