Paris: A Human’s Perspective

Understanding the buildup to Paris.

You must understand that war is profitable. It makes certain people a lot of money. It is for this reason business men hate war, but if they are in the business of war, they love war. You might say, no one is that barbaric, to which history of mankind will disagree.

Lets recap some of the horrors we have seen in the past months. We have seen a 3-year-old Syrian boy’s body wash up on shore. We have seen brutal bombings of Syrian’s homes. We have seen an influx of thousands of Syrian refugees who have no home, no food, no place to go. Who, after facing these horrible atrocities, have to wait days on end in the cold to be given asylum. We are witnessing monsters and demons spreading their evil through means of misguided understanding and violence all over the world.

But war is two-sided, and all wars are created. They are created when clash of ideologies occur. When lack of understanding, and thoughts of grandeur are conceived. When people with the power and ability to reinforce their beliefs take action against those who don’t hold those same beliefs. Who ultimately suffers are not the initiators of war, but the common man. Entire communities, loving families, whole towns, get thrown into a war they never asked for.

These nuisances are often scrubbed out and generalized by the media, reading simply: Islam vs. the West.

So who is the West, and what Islam is this? 

To understand this issue in the simplest form possible, we must come to the realization that “Islam” and the “West”, as used by Daesh (ISIS), Al-Qaeda, or the Taliban are not what you and I think them to be.

Islam is a religion followed by 1.5 billion people all over the world. It is a religion of peace, of mercy. A religion that unites people of all races, color, creed, to work together in unity to be caretakers of all life. It is a religion that forbids unjust killing. A religion that bans killing of women, children, the weak and poor in any state of war. It is against the very fundamentals of Islam. To miss this point, is to miss the entire reason for being a Muslim. I would argue that these terror groups are nowhere close to following any tenants of Islam, let alone any religion, making their self-claimed Islam invalid. The more I think and learn about my religion the more I realize they are not Muslim, not even non-believers, but kafir.

Kafir, is an Arabic word coming from the root K-F-R, which means to cover. It’s a term describing the practice, used by farmers, of covering planted seeds in the ground, the act of covering them with dirt. Simply put, kafir is not an infidel, rather it is someone who covers the truth. That is what Daesh, along with all extremists groups are, they are organizations who hide and mutilate the truth.

The West, as seen by these extremist groups, is a force that has taken over their homelands, occupying their lands, and caused innumerable deaths of those they love. They are not wrong in their assertions, but misguided on who the “West” is. They have not understood their religion, which causes them to have a distorted view of the world, which leads them to act on their fragmented thoughts, tipped with vengeance, and shrouded in misguided anger. They say they are waging a war on the West, yet the majority of those killed by Daesh, are Muslim.

As a Muslim, a human being, I say enough is enough. We must stop this senseless back and forth of hate. Lobbying hateful speech, thoughts, and counterproductive words toward each other, without realizing what unites us. Go outside during a cold morning and exhale, you’ll see your breath, the same breath that is in all of us. Go for a vigorous run and you’ll hear your heartbeat. It’s the same heart that beats in kids, women, men, black, brown, Brazilian, Palestinian, American, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, all of us. We must learn to be like our feet, to respect one another, so we can stop tripping, and start walking in unison.

-Omar M

I hope you read the above with an open mind and a soft heart. I tackle issues through the lens of logic. If you don’t use logic you will be subject to biased thoughts which have no credible use in civil discussion.

Please share and leave me your thoughts!

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