Pedophile Culture: Understanding Complex Issues

I came across an article on my Facebook feed titled You’ve heard of rape culture, but have you heard of pedophile culture’. It caught my attention, and I decided to read it through.  You can read the article here. The article was in response to Todd Nickerson’s personal story and struggle with pedophilia. You can read his article here.

It is imperative to read both sides in order to develop a circular understanding, instead of a biased one. When reading try not letting your own, personal emotions, guide your thought development. The purpose of this exercise is to take in information and develop an overarching understanding of what the issues are.

The biggest problem with reading just to respond is that you miss out on logical reasoning. The aim is to develop the ability to identify and relate with both sides of the issue, in-order to arrive at an unbiased, educated, conclusion. This requires logic, something that’s becoming increasingly rare. Take a cursory look at most comments sections and you’ll see what I mean.

So what do we get out of reading both articles?

Todd gave insight into his condition and the struggles he faces. He gave a glimpse into his life, from a young boy to now, and how he continues to deal with his issues.

Alicen Grey, the author of ‘You’ve heard of rape culture, but have you heard of pedophile culture’, highlighted various issues, uncovering the blatant pedophile culture that exists in this country which specifically targets women.

How can we relate the two instead of pitting them against each other?

Simple, use logic and deepen your understanding. Both authors talk about the role of environment in which pedophile culture proliferates. Todd was fondled when he was young which might have led to a development of his sexual orientation.  Alicen hints at the same points. I do disagree with her point that all males are responsible for the creation of this culture. She furthers this point by stating that by understating his pedophilia would be submitting to it. This in my mind is like blaming the entire white race for racism, without understanding that there are white people who suffer from ingrained racism but fight against it. Does acknowledging it mean we accept it? Absolutely not!

He refers to himself as a monster, and she counters by saying he is just a man, like every man. Generalization is a friend of ignorance. Something we must work hard not to do. People don’t fit neatly into boxes; we are more like Venn diagrams.

“Generalization is a friend of ignorance.”

I would like to highlight the tonality of both sides. One is coming from a place of being misunderstood, the other screaming to be understood. Both are right in their own way, and that’s the point. One doesn’t have to be correct just so the other is proven wrong. This notion of pitting people, ideas, cultures, and beliefs against each other is detrimental.

So what did we learn?

There is no side we can point the finger at. It is the height of ignorance to do so. To claim males are the problem or retort that females are the issue is insane. This reasoning lacks logic and has no place in civil discourse. The biggest proponents of pedophile culture, as pointed out by Alicen, are Hollywood, the music industry, the cosmetic industry, and advertising as a whole. The problem also lies within each and single one of us. Yes, organizations have created an environment where rape and pedophile culture thrives, but we also promote it by allowing inappropriate television programs to indoctrinate our children. We allow it by letting young malleable brains hear music with vile messages, unchecked.  We encourage it by taking the taboo out of pornography, letting it become a norm.  The biggest issue though is mis-education, misdirection, and lack of understanding one another.

The only way we can reverse this process of subjecting a women’s identity with sexuality is by working together. Men and women have to understand each other instead of competing with each other. We have to understand what makes us different and how we are meant to be protectors of the other’s pitfalls.  Together we have to take a stand against the entertainment & cosmetic industry.  The only reason they continue to use female sexuality to sell is because it works. Imagine if women no longer looked up to these “models” and stopped replicating them in the way they dress, behave, and appear. Imagine if men worked on becoming free from the slavery of their desires, if they fought against their predisposition and challenged their feelings of lust. If they worked against this need to dehumanize women and see them only as tools of sexual pleasure.

Lastly, imagine if we, together, stopped celebrating men who rape and abuse women. If we stopped laughing and thinking it’s okay to watch movies or TV shows where the lead male is depicted to be a sex crazy maniac who has a long list of all the women he has slept with, framed like a Harvard degree, showing it off and beaming with pride. It offends me as a man, it offends my friends who are women, and it takes lunacy to a whole another level.

-Omar M

The point of this exercise was to help you develop logic through which complex issues can be analyzed and understood. It takes work, to control your emotions, and come to a logical understanding of an issue, especially when it’s something you might disagree on. It is imperative to work on this aspect of our lives each and every single day. The more educated we become, not for the desire to stroke our ego and prove someone wrong, but to arrive at a deep understanding,  can we begin to open our minds. 

To learn more on how to develop logical thinking I am working on creating an introductory course. Keep checking back to see when that becomes available.

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