Starting the Day Right: How to Have a Positive Filled Day

Many of us wake up, think half a dozen negative thoughts, close our eyes again, find some willpower to peel us off our beds and make our way into the warm embrace of the shower. In the shower we think about the day ahead of us and how much we would rather just be in bed. This initial negative response to the day seeps into every hour, minute and second, leading us to come home with the same negative mindset we left with. Why do we do this?

There are many reasons our brains find comfort in negativity, mainly because it is easy. It is easy to look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself that same old rehearsed negative mini-speech about how ugly you are, or how much of a loser you are, how you’re a bad parent, you hate your body, think you’re a horrible spouse, your life sucks, the list goes on and on. We have tailored these speeches to our personalities, emphasizing on the points that we know hurt us the most.

We must understand that as awesome as we are in giving ourselves those hate filled talks we can become even more amazing motivational speakers, it just requires a little shift in thinking.

Instead of pointing out all the bad points in your life, highlighting all the things you’ve done wrong or have gone wrong, focus on the things that you are proud of. Think about something that you have done that makes you happy. Remind yourself that you are beautiful, that you are caring, you have a big heart, you love your family, you have goals and dreams still waiting to be accomplished…excite yourself.  By becoming your own motivational speaker you never need anyone to justify your awesomeness to you. You are now in control of your mood.

Try this everyday for a week, as soon as you wake up think about one good thing about yourself. In the shower focus on something you are looking forward to. In the mirror look at yourself and tell yourself you are a beautiful, caring, loving, extraordinary human being. Do this for a week and you’ll instantly see the powerful effect it will have on your life. Stop being a dark cloud and choose to be a sunny day, the power is all yours.

– Omar M

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