The Problem of Trump

When Donald Trump first announced he was running for President I thought it was a joke. I’d laugh everytime I saw him on the news, but as time goes on, this joke has turned into a metaphor for what’s wrong with politics in this country.

Think about it for a second, what words would you us to describe an ideal President? In a world with morality, we would use words like honor, nobility, honesty, fair, but these, as we know, are antonyms of reality. The more you think about it the more absurd it seems. How can we, a population of roughly 300 million, keep getting represented by the likes of dishonest greedy crooks and war mongers? It just doesn’t make sense.

Enter Donald Trump.

Its not a real stretch of the imagination when I say Donald encompasses within him none of the aforementioned qualities of nobility and upstanding character. He represents the complete opposite spectrum. Representing greed, arrogance, hostility, vanity, did I mention arrogance? He is what we as children learn not to become. No parent in their right mind teaches their child to be more of a dick. To pursue the art of dishonesty, trickery, and injustice. We teach our kids to be gentle, to be accepting of all people. Yet here we have a man who hopes to represent us, this country, who encompasses within him non of the qualities we deem as good. He has a hard heart, a poisonous tongue, and a mind plagued with greed.

I refuse to accept that we as American’s are so lost that we will elect someone like him. I hope, I pray that it is a joke, but then again, to say our government represents us might be the biggest joke of all.

Omar M

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