Stress: The Monster Inside your Mind

I have been thinking a lot about stress. Why people go into a vicious spiral of self inflicting pain over seemingly small, insignificant matters. I have seen people stress out about the most miniscule of things. Thinking about it for hours on end. Its absolutely unnecessary, we know this, yet we still continue to stress, why?

Think about your day, how many times did you stress out? Now ask yourself this question, if you were to die in the next five minutes would any of those things really matter? The answer is always no. The things we stress about are so insignificant that in the face of death they seem ludicrous. Yet we go about our day forgetting this truth of death. Forgetting that life is so much more then these insignificant issues. It’s like fighting with your parents, arguing with your spouse, staying mad at someone, these things hold no value.

This type of thinking requires training the mind. Its a change in attitude. To simply let things go and move on. To understand that carrying a problem, thinking about it, playing it over and over and over again in your mind takes you away from the reality of your life. How can you be present when your mind is absent? How can you truly enjoy your life if you are constantly living in a problem? To live in the moment, to enjoy whats going on in the present requires us to stop stressing. To let our problems go, and focus on the solutions.

– Omar M

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