The Problem with Muslims

I am writing this as my opinion, my rational. You can take it as something to think about, you can leave it. It is in no way a single truth, only a possibility of the many outcomes of events around us.

Submission. That is the one word we were taught in Sunday school on what it means to be Muslim. A Muslim submits themselves to Allah and no one else. Thus fearing only Him and not associating any protector, giver, ruler, sustainer, other than Him.

As Muslims we must submit to HIs word, i.e. the Quran, and live life according to His law, i.e. Islam.

What I see around me however are people who have lost their way. I see Muslims who are submitting themselves to their own ideologies of what Islam means. Somehow interpreting the word of Allah through a deranged mind wanting to satisfy only their ego. I’m here to tell you what you already know, that is not Islam.  Islam is a beautiful religion I see tarnished every single day. Whether its by external forces, or by our own Muslims, the effect is the same. A degradation of the sanctity that Islam so dearly upholds. They mar Islam by justifying wretched actions through false understanding of the Quran.  What’s more, these people somehow hold the pulpit on which they broadcast their interpreted Islam for all the world to see. Its disgraceful.

Everyday I read about an event in which, put simply, a human being is killed at the hands of another human. No labels needed, In the end the fact is every injustice is one human being hurting another. This notion that we are somehow different tribes warring against each other is ludicrous. If we read the life of Prophet Muhammad, we see that it is this exact tribal mentality that he came to abolish. To state that there is no us vs. them, there is just humanity that encompasses every living soul on this planet.

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