Do You Like Yourself?

Its a question I find myself thinking about often. Pondering on it for what seems like a thought held on for too long. Always after an interaction with someone my mind begins to spin. Did what I say make sense? Did I come off as smart? I wonder what they thought the moment the conversation was over, sometimes even during the middle of it. Self judging, comparing, and analyzing myself to an image of what cool and confidence is supposed to be like.

This is something I’m sure many others go through. It is something our brains have become accustomed to, self judging.

I know there is not much importance in the thoughts and opinions of others regarding you, but our society would have us believe otherwise. We are drenched in shows about superficial beauty, admiring assholes, looking up to hot tempered quick witted douche bags, and the cool guys with their thousand dollar haircuts.

Monkey see, monkey do. And when monkey can’t, monkey feels like a fool.

It took me a great while to understand the difference between what is fake and what is reality. Confidence if studied through the works of tv and movies would have you believe that arrogance, a temper, and vanity make a man confident. Or that a woman to be smart has to be either a bitch or a total geek. Are we really to believe in these finite demarcations?

So, do you like yourself? I’ll help you out, the answer isn’t a silent maybe its a thundering YES.

– Omar M

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