Waiting Game

I love having the ability to make an appointment. Its simple, makes life easy, and just keeps everything flowing like chocolate fondu cascading down a three foot fountain. The problem arises when one side of the party doesn’t understand the correct definition of the word appointment.

Appointment (noun) 

  • an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place

Lets make it even easier, set a time and be there. Pretty simple right? Unfortunately, Its a concept a lot of business have trouble understanding, forcing us (the customer) to bear the brunt of the waiting game.

I know many, many, many, did I say many? Many people have suffered this wrath. Setting an appointment, whether its with your mechanic, dentist, car rental, restaurant… really any place that takes appointments, and not having it met. Its not end of the world type stuff, but it is something that needs to be addressed by these businesses. If they care about their customers they understand that time is money so I went and bought a rolex.

In todays society this might seem like a stupid thing to bring up or worry about but I would disagree. Think about how many times you have set an appointment, only to have the other party delay you, which causes subsequent plans to get pushed. It’s understandable if its your friend who is running late but unacceptable when a business does it. Why? Mainly because I’m not paying my friend to hang out with me, but I am paying my dentist or my car rental to uphold the time of my appointment. Its about being fair, caring, and running businesses that understand their clients.

This message today goes out to Aspen Dental and all you other behind time businesses, if you can’t keep an appointment then I won’t support you with my time and money. In that same breath I also won’t be disrespectful, create a scene, or think my life is coming to an end. I will however write about it on my blog so all three of my avid readers can read about it!

Be courteous & honor time.

– Omar M

3 Comments on “Waiting Game

  1. Hi Omar, I’m sorry you experienced this delay. I can understand your frustration. I encourage you to reach out to our patient satisfaction team, so they can work with you: 1-866-273-8606


    • I appreciate that but I am not interested in reaching out, spending my time on the phone. You can make me feel satisfied by helping your current & future customers feel like they matter.



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