Be You. Seriously, Just Do it Man.

So I have been writing in some way, shape, or form for quite a while now but I recently realized how much I try to appeal my writing to others. As any writer knows doing this leads to a loss in your voice, your style. A severance from a uniqueness that accompanies every artists output.

If you think about how much we care about others it’s truly astounding. Just one out of the thousands of examples is marriage. People get married, meaning spend the rest of their life, to people they don’t like all because of some weird society appeasing. Yes this happens in the world, where have you been?

Truly think about your life, how many decisions have you made to seem a certain way in the eyes of others. There is a freaking industry for gods sake that coincides with this very disease. Selling you a lifestyle that’s not yours, and making you somehow want it, crave it, love it. Its a crazy world out there I tell you, your world, one that you are letting others pawn off, for what? An approving nod, a confidence boosting smile? Stop the madness and start the zen music because I’m going to let you in on a little secret…those people you’re trying to impress, yea they are trying to impress someone too. Its a mad cycle, a never ending battle, like a…what was that, a disease.

It is hard to be so invested in yourself that you give no fu*&*cks about what others think. It is hard, but so is anything worth having. Think about the pure freedom of walking in this world with no attachments to what others are thinking of you. To live not to prove yourself to anyone. To live as you were meant to, as the amazing person you are.

Think about it, and leave me a thought.

– Omar M

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