Stop Generalizing the Rest of Us

In today’s news a “Radical Islamist” killed someone.

I hate reading that sentence.

I hate it. I hate how my religion, one that I follow, that keeps me on a constant path of betterment is used like a shield for which murderers, rapists, oppressors, and terrorists hide behind. How the media shouts, “look, he was a Muslim!”. It’s the same way I imagine Black individuals in this country feel. “Look, he was of African-American descent”. It is tiring to be generalized, to be included somehow with the delinquent members of our society. As if the rest of us, peaceful, caring, non-murdering -chaos-spreading-terrorizing everything that moves, Muslims don’t exists in the eyes of the world.

We as people need to move away from this sickening generalization of massive groups of people. Blacks in this country face a sickening injustice based on a color. As if a color, the same way as a religious belief, is to be feared. As if it is important to shout and point that this latest murderer was black, was Muslim. Why?

Here is a suggestion, if we are set on associating these people with something it should be their actions. Not religion, not what race they are, where they are from, what language they speak, all these things are unimportant. These people aren’t defined by a religion or race, they are and should be defined by their actions. I can say I’m a Muslim, but if I kill someone, am I being defined by my religion or by my actions?

My religion doesn’t tell me to kill anyone, it says on the contrary that I am to be a protector of my fellow humans. Its my thoughts, my actions that caused me to kill. It is me that needs to be on trail, me that needs to be in the spotlight, not my religion. That is unfair to the billion other Muslims who aren’t killing, arent spreading terror.

I know there are many, many others out there like me. Whether they are Muslim, Jews, Christians, Hindus, black, brown or white they are all being misidentified by a very small minority of people. It is this small minority whose actions are being broadcast to the majority. Becoming the example instead of the exception. So please, lets reverse this trend. Lets stop this overgeneralization. I am tired of reading, tired of hearing and seeing Islam being used as a way to identify these people. They are not “Islamist” they are not “Muslims” they are simply criminals.

– Omar M

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