Training Our Minds

I haven’t written in a while and its for good reason.You see, I started writing to help others. To share my learned wisdom with those who needed it most. It turns out the person who needed the advice most, was me.

I found myself struggling with who I was. I was putting out all of these positive messages yet I found my mind plagued with negativity. I wasn’t applying the very ideals that I wrote about. It wasn’t as if I wasn’t trying, I was. I struggled with the darkness in my mind. The hollow thoughts and worrisome whispers. It was frustrating and led me to believe I was nothing more than a fake, or worse, a hypocrite. So I decided to take a break, to not write anymore, and work on myself.

What I discovered was my brain needed training. This was the first time I was trying to quiet the hostile side of my mind and give power to my optimistic side. I started training my mind. I found that our minds need to be trained, need to be taught how to think positive. It isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a lifelong endeavor, but with time it becomes more and more rewarding.

You start to look at situations differently. Start to look at experiences with a different vantage. Start to see problems from an angle that you never knew existed. Its a liberating feeling. A feeling that anything is possible. That happiness isn’t an elusive feeling reserved for sappy movies but something that can be attained. I am not saying I have mastered my mind yet. I have just scratched the surface, but everyday that I keep struggling to push away sandbags of negativity my muscle of positivity gets stronger.

So anyone who is struggling right now. For anyone who is down, depressed, sad, and hopeless, this is for you. I have been there and it is miserable. Take a breath, collect your thoughts, and begin training your mind right now. It will take time but the rewards of leaving the darkness for happiness is worth it. Plus you always have a friend, holding out his hand, waiting to catch you if you slip.

– Omar M

I am always here for my readers so please dont hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank You

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