Success: Please Explain Yourself


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Success is a hard word to define. We see people who have attained it but somehow always feel like we are on the other side of the fence. We gaze at the successfull with big eyes, wondering if we can be so lucky to join them. I’m here to tell you, you can.

What makes someone successful is pursuit. I believe success isnt the end goal but the journey to get there. Success is that first step, its that idea, that itch, that drive, that fills your whole body and focuses you on greatness. For me success is stepping away from the average and becoming an individual.

You see everyone can be anybody but to be a somebody that takes work. You have a dream, an idea, success is bringing it into fruition. The “unsuccessful” have ideas, they have talent, they have passion, but they never exploit it. Those ideas never bind with passion and sit dormant in the dark corners of your mind.

If your definition of success if a huge house, millions in the bank, and a G5, you need to change your mental definition of success. Those are by-products of accomplishing your dreams. Google defines success as, the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Its not the accomplishment of having materialistic goods. Its the accomplishment of your brilliance. This can’t be measured, it can’t be weighed, it can’t even be held, what it can do is change your life. It can take you places you never thought possible, push you to become a version of yourself you never imagined, and turn your life into one of constant pursuit.

– Omar M

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