Training our Brains: Finding Positivity Among Everything

When I was young I wish there had been a thing called Mind Training Camp. I imagine it would be set against a serene landscape. Beautiful blue sky above and the sound of nature all around. The camp would specialize in training the mind to find positivity, always.

I plan to have a camp like this one day for people of all ages. To immerse the mind in exercises, to train the brain to effortlessly flow towards a positive outlook. It sounds easy, yet our brains have been habitualized in the opposite regard. We cling on to the sad, the bad, and the gloom.

So how can we transition our minds to move away from this habit and learn to look at the bright side?


Being positive is a skill. You have to work at it. It has to become second nature. Think about how long your mind has been looking at the world glass half full, how long have you been using excuses to defend your procrastination, how long have you been siding with the negative? If you asked me last year, I would say longer than I remember. Thats because we come into a society that pushes us to find solace in self-pity.

Use obstacles and challenges in your day to strengthen your mind-set. Look for something positive in whatever you face. Fight against your negative thoughts. These battles within your mind will cause you to become stronger. It will take time, you are breaking a ingrained habit and we are creatures of habit. Be easy on yourself, take it one step at a time. If you fall back, thats okay, use that as a heavyweight and bench press the positivity out of it!

– Omar M

— — —

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