What we can Learn from the Winner of ‘The Biggest Loser’

This seasons Biggest Loser was just announced and instead of focusing on the hard work and dedication it must have taken Rachel Frederickson the internet is abuzz with negative remarks about how she looks too skinny.

This got me thinking how sometimes we as people can be so insensitive. Instead of putting ourselves in her shoes people have taken it upon themselves to critique her for losing “too much” weight.

Imagine being a person who is overweight, being made fun of, having insecurities about your image and then working really really hard to overcome those challenges only to be criticised again about how you look. Pretty disheartening right?

Instead of pointing out the negative we should all be proud of Rachael. We should congratulate her hard work, her work ethic, her dedication, and her victory. This is a big moment for her, and instead of raining all over it lets let her enjoy the spotlight.

So from the bottom of my heart congratulations not only to Rachel but to anyone who has overcome a challenge. We must learn to hold people up instead of breaking them down, because if we don’t then we are all the biggest loser.

– Omar M

3 Comments on “What we can Learn from the Winner of ‘The Biggest Loser’

  1. Good point, the problem is that people are too focused on other people instead of on themselves. You know that by criticizing others they are only criticizing themselves deep down, since I think it all comes from insecurity.

    Just my two cents though.


    • I totally agree.

      We should use her as an example to motivate ourselves to achieve something we thought was impossible, instead of finding the smallest issue and blowing it up until it shadows her success.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!


      • The biggest loser is like a pressure test, and they are forced to obtain results extremely fast, so they end up looking bad – once they get out they can do proper fitness routines and remedy themselves knowing that exercise works and the biggest loser gave them proof.

        No problem, keep writing!


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