Ways to Ease Depression

There have been many times in my life where I have felt the cold touch of depression. It takes over my heart, consumes my mind and leaves my body weak. We have all experienced this in one form or another.

I started the Amazing Life brand to help others, to encourage people, to promote positivity and push strangers all around the world to live the life they deserve. This doesn’t mean that I am immune from depression, negativity, or feelings of hopelessness. There are times where I feel down, but I don’t let myself stay there for too long. I get back up, brush myself off, and force my mind to think better thoughts. I use all my energy and focus to push out the dark hands of sadness and fill every corner of my mind with positivity.

It takes practice and I am nowhere near perfect, but I would like to share some thoughts and methods I have learned from experience to ease out of depression.

Identify and change. 

I realized that there are triggers in each of us that cause us to become depressed. These are different for everyone and only we know what they are. The first step is to identify these triggers. Find out what makes you feel sad or depressed. Write down all the things that lead you to feel down. Doing this will show you what causes you to become depressed. Many of us don’t realize that its sometimes small, consistent things we are doing everyday without even realizing it that cause us great sadness.

Fighting Dementors.

The next step is to train your mind to fight off depression. This is hard, it takes a lot of work, but the end results is complete control over your mood and emotions. You see our moods are controlled only by us. We are influenced by outside factors, but it is only us who give power to those outside influences causing them to make us feel one way or another. Learn to focus on the good things in life, force a smile on your face, keep running a moment that makes you extremely happy over and over again in your mind. For Harry Potter fans, think of it as fighting off a dementor. Its hard, but once you harness that light, depression won’t stand a chance.

Talk it out.

No matter how strong we may think we are we all need help sometimes. Keeping something that is troubling you inside will cause it to consume you. Don’t think of it as weakness to share how you feel with loved ones. Find a person you trust and empty out your heart to them. Dont worry about troubling them or burdening them with your problems. They love you and take it from me, will feel special that you turned to them for help. It will strengthen the bond between the both of you.  If you don’t have anyone you feel like you can talk to you always have a friend at Amazing Life so don’t ever hesitate to email me (amazingislife@gmail.com).

Change it up. 

If you feel like you tried everything but still you feel down try changing your environment. The weather is a huge influence on how people feel. If it is dark and cold outside take a couple of days off and spend some time relaxing by the ocean. Don’t feel bad about spending money on yourself. You are investing in yourself, and there is nothing in this world that will give you a better return for your money. Make a happy memory, grab some friends, and go!

Never lose hope.

Whatever you may be going through be patient because it will end. Nothing in this world lasts forever. Even the night with it’s all encompassing darkness is pierced by the light of a new day. So don’t lose hope. Take it one day at a time and realize that it will get better. Depression and sadness lead us to understand ourselves better. It helps give our lives perspective, for happiness wouldn’t be felt without knowing depression. So hold your head up and know its only temporary!

I hope this helped someone going through a tough time. I recently went through a dark time in my life and writing this article really helped me realize it is not that bad. Life has its ups and downs and both compliment each other. We need bad times to appreciate the good, we need sadness to find relief in the arms of happiness.

– Omar M

— — –

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