Stop Existing & Start Living

Happy Monday everyone and as promised here is this weeks post!

I want to start this weeks blog by asking a question: are you living the life you want?

If your answer is no, thats okay, we can now start working towards making it a reality. The first thing many of us do when we realize we arent living a life we wanted is get depressed. We feel as if we haven’t accomplished anything, and because of our failures we wont ever accomplish anything. This type of thinking is the first mental block we must remove from our minds. However you want your life to be, understand that it is possible. It has been done by countless people, so dont give up.

When I was young I always heard the expression ‘life is what you make it to be’.

What happens as we get older is we let circumstances in our lives keep us from becoming who we are supposed to be. Whether we give up in the face of adversity, get defeated by failure, can’t face the hard work required, or we use excuses to defend our inability to attain a lifestyle we deserve. All these factors limit us from attaining pure enjoyment in our lives. So now I ask the question again, reworded, why aren’t you living the life you want?

To every problem there is a myriad of solutions. The problem is we get lost in the problem instead of focusing on the solution. If you are unhappy with your current job, that is the problem, now find the solution. Tie this with setting goals, focusing on the end result, and working towards it everyday and you can accomplish anything you want. Keep in mind that change doesn’t happen overnight. If you want a more fulfilling job it will require patience, work, and dedication, but the end result is far greater than the effort to get you there.

As visual beings we can keep going if we see what we are working towards, so remind yourself exactly why you are doing all this hard work. Make a dream board of the things you want. A house, a car, places you want to see, stuff you want, create the exact lifestyle you want, put it up on a board, make it real and then use that to motivate yourself.

Lastly, keep asking yourself questions. Start each day by asking am I living the life I want? Follow that up with, what am I going to do today to live that life. Take small, consistent steps, filling each day with something that will push you towards the lifestyle you want. Don’t get caught up in the negatives, the cants, the wonts, and the fear that comes with challenge. Take a risk on yourself, you deserve to live a life of happiness, a life that you enjoy, instead of one where you merely exist.

– Omar M


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