Find Peace in your Life Today

I have many strengths, but for each strength I have many weaknesses. One weakness I think we all have is forgetting how amazing our life is now, instead of waiting for the day when it will become amazing. 

Let me explain

If you reflected for five minutes right now, took a pen and a piece of paper, how many blessings could you write down? How about if you had ten minutes? An hour? Your whole life?

You see if you were to keep adding to that list, kept adding all the blessings that fill your life, you would never run out of things to write down. Now imagine if you reminded yourself of these gifts every day, what would happen? 

You would start to develop a deeper appreciation for each and everything you have in your life right now.

We try so hard to live in the future, but forget that we are only alive now. This moment, this is your life. Stop waiting for things to start getting better. The future never comes, no matter what you might say or try or do the future is always a distant dot. If you want peace in your life dont say, I’ll have it when______________fill in the blank. You have it right NOW, you just need to remind yourself. 

I will start posting every Monday so everyone can start their week with positivity!

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