How to Stop Getting in the Way of Success

Distractions are all around us, in abundance. They are there for a reason, to distract you. To keep you trapped like zombies staring for hours at a screen. When you are distracted you lose focus on your goals and instead find solace in binge-watching the latest episode of Breaking Bad. This is you stopping yourself from success.

Whatever you want in life, big or small, it is completely up to you to usher it into reality. Dreams are nice. They give us a glimpse of how life could be like, but to dream indefinitely with no action is a fools game. That is where the problem inherently lies. We are all dreaming, but very few of us are taking the necessary action to live our dreams. This is problem number one. No matter what you desire, you must act to actualize it. Just focus on one step at a time, and remember that even if you’re taking one step, that in itself is a leap over the Grand Canyon because you are now going towards your dreams.

When you first start on something, no matter how big or small, it will take time for you to build up strength. A baby doesn’t start running, they kick their legs, start to crawl, find their balance, and then take that first step. It is that first step, that led all of us to become successful walkers.

We have been so deformed into thinking in the now that once we do gather the energy to start working on ourselves, we lose desire, faith, hope and motivation to continue going because we don’t see the long-term effects of our amazing actions. This is problem number two. If you are pursuing a passion, a long desired dream, then you must understand that it will take time. It will take perseverance, and effort. It is hard but the rewards are immense. Imagine that you are carving an extraordinary piece of art. It will take time as you slowly carve away the extra layers, the years of habitual laziness, procrastination, lack of drive, but as you keep etching away, you will get closer and closer to the brilliant piece of hidden art.

Everyone deserves to live a life filled with success, with happiness and meaning. We owe our younger selves the satisfaction of bringing what we dreamed, cuddled under our blankets on a lazy Saturday, to reality. If we don’t, when we are old and frail, we will look back on that dream, as regret fills us, and see it as a nightmare.

– Omar M

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