Making Memories: Smart Spending this Holiday

Many of us spend our money on buying material goods thinking they will make us happier. We spend thousands of dollars on gadgets, clothing, cars, things that will eventually break down and find themselves on our front lawns in garage sales. I believe money is better spent on memories.

Think about what makes you happiest during your most trying times. Usually its remembering a happy moment in life. A vacation, time spent with friends, a road trip, birthdays, weddings, they are all memories of a moment in your life where you were happy.  Memories stay with us forever. We collect them, store them, and look back at them when we feel down. These memories are priceless.

No matter what you buy it will never make you happy when you are going through a rough patch. My Macbook Pro brings me happiness only because I can plug-in my external hard drive and relive happy moments through pictures and videos. Travel is something many people want to do but sacrifice in order to have the newest-must-have piece of technology.

So this holiday season invest in your memories, collect the good and forget the bad. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on gifts, take a long family vacation. Fill your mind with good times, because in the end life is so much more than the newest iPhone. Life is about the memories we make.

– Omar M

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