Lessons Learned from Adversity

I believe there are two types of people, those, who in the face of adversity, let the calamity consume them completely and then those who rise to the challenge and beat their tribulation. No matter what path you choose, it is completely up to you. This is a life long lesson adversity has taught me.

Like anyone, I had my times of hardships, but it was during those tough times that I learned the most. You see when you go through something hard, something difficult, it is just you and that adversity. Imagine yourself and all your flaws layed out in front of you, that’s what difficulty does, it challenges you to give up some of those flaws, to mend the chinks in your armor and overcome whatever is pushing you down.

Its difficult by its very nature. It requires us to gather all our strength, it requires us to change our mindset, it challenges us to either become better or be stuck. Unfortunately many people choose the latter. They find ease in letting adversity beat them. They let hardships enhance their negativity, drowning them in their sorrow and self-pity.

Calamities are apart of life, they are the catalyst of change for our hearts and souls. They are our friends. A true friend helps you change to become the best you, you can be. That’s what adversity is, its pure, its true, its unbiased. Difficulty shows her face in the hopes that you will become better. That you will change the decisions that brought you to her in the first place. Understand that you are in control of your life, so whatever comes your way own it. Find a way to make adversities work for you. Use them to enhance yourself, to push yourself into the greatness you are meant for.

I hope for each and every single person that you asses whatever situation you may be in. That you understand that those burdens weighing you down are actually wings that will take you higher then you’ve ever been before. The key, lies in how you look at adversity. The magic is when you start to use a tribulation in your favor, instead of the other way around. So get off the couch, stretch, breath, and usher all the strength you have, you are about to change your life.

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– Omar M

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