Breaking Bad: Habits

Someone once said that we are all creatures of habit. Whatever you want to do, if you keep repeating it until it becomes ingrained in your DNA, that trait will forever become apart of you. Think about how you first learned to ride a bike. You didn’t just know how to do it, it had to be learned, had to be memorized by the muscles in your body. Over time, it got easier, until it became effortless and freeing. Amazingly you can still to this day, even if you haven’t ridden a bike in over ten years, can get on one and ride it like an expert. Habit.

Everything we do is influenced by our habits, the way we eat, the way we carry ourselves, how we think, even who we are. Sometimes we don’t take the time to separate the bad habits we’ve picked up from the good ones. One of my worst habits is not going to sleep on time. It started when I was in high school and has kept getting enforced until now, almost ten years later, I still find myself going to sleep late, and having a difficult time waking up early for work.

These bad habits can be broken but to break a habit it sometimes feels like we are breaking our essence. It’s difficult to break routine, to break something we have been doing for years, sometimes subconsciously. At the same time we must think about what habits we have picked up that are taking away from us being the best we can be.

Take five minutes at the end of the day and write down all your bad habits. Think hard, reflect, ask others for help, and write them down. When you see the list of habits you need to remove from your personality, pick one, and work on separating it from your daily routine. Its hard, but the benefits are immense!

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– Omar M

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