True You

So many people these days get caught up in being someone they aren’t. We try to mimic others, try to rearrange our lifestyles to be more like them. We exist, instead of live. Bear life, instead of enjoying it. Promise ourselves an elusive pot of happiness when wehave, fill in the blank, whatever it is we so dearly desire. All the while we lose the most fundamental aspect of our lives, us.

You, yourself, your inner being, is the truest form of you. If you keep burying it behind layers of fake, unimaginative, copies of someone else’s persona you are just watering down the most amazing part of yourself. All around us we have industries that specialize in altering people’s appearances. A little cut here, an injections there, some powder over this, and now we have a robotic replica of what society deems “beautiful”. It’s an industry that is valued in the billions. Billions of dollars to change yourself to be more like someone else. If there was ever a biggerscam then this, a scam that literally makes people believe they mustchange themselves to be themselves. What a twisted way of logic.

How about an industry that specializes in unearthing the most beautiful aspect of every soul on this planet, their individuality. The unique and amazing being that is you. We strive so much for various freedoms in this country, yet the biggest oppressor in our lives has still not been set free. We oppress ourselves, we trap ourselves into a self-destructive spiral of self hate. Always comparing ourimage to someone else’s. Why? The Mona Lisa is special because it is unique. Pablo Picasso’s paintings are universally revered because they are unique. Every piece of art is only as good as it is different from the rest. If there were a slew of Mona Lisa’s it would no longer remain special. It would become normal. So why would you want to make yourself be, normal?

There exists within each and every single one of us a beauty that is unlike any other. A work of art that is brilliant in its uniqueness. It is only until we understand how special we are, how amazing our identity is that we will stop trading it in for a used more “popular” one. Stand out, be yourself, be different, for it is these very factors that will make you who you are. No one can be the best copycat, but you can be the best you, you can be.

– Omar M

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