In the Moment Mentality

Its been three days into the weight loss challenge and I have to admit I’ve already broken the diet once. I felt so terrible after letting my desire get the best of me. I started to think about what has greater importance, short-term gratification or long, sustainable, happiness.

You see, for me, eating a piece of sweets was instant gratification, on demand happiness, followed by the heaviness only guilt brings. In the same regard feeling fit, healthy, light and energetic has an everlasting sense of happiness. I feel more confident, more upbeat, ready to tackle anything life throws at me. Here lies the difference between instant gratification and long-term happiness.

Many of us get trapped by the right now, I need it this moment,  I should have had that three seconds ago, I must have it  NOW mentality. This way of thinking is all around us. On demand video, pills to make us lose weight instantly, our phones with the ability to get any piece of information or multi-media with just a click of the button, 100 mbps internet that delivers anything we want to see in an instant, so why then would we want to be patient for good things in our lives? People open a new business, don’t see any instant revenue so they surrender to failure. People start working towards a certain goal only to not see the results fast enough and give up. There are those people who start something and lose motivation halfway because the end destination seems to far away and just stop.

In a world that is increasingly advancing into an era where everything will be had in the moment, we must start to develop a sense of thinking beyond the moment into the future.  We must start to separate and define instant gratification versus with long-term true happiness. The happiness that radiates within our souls when we feel good inside and out, the happiness that accompanies patience. If we don’t develop this way of thinking we will become junkies looking for the next high, to replace our fading false happiness with another dose of the like.

– Omar M

Day 2&3 of my weight loss challenge Vlog will be up tonight! Check out Amazing Life’s YouTube Channel and follow @amaznglife

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