What is Happiness?

Such a simple question, yet people get lost trying to find the answer. Thomas Jefferson in his famous quote said “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” He could have left out the word pursuit, but he didn’t, why? It’s because he was a man who understood that happiness is something to be pursued and that the pursuit of it is actually what defines happiness.

A lot of people get lost in trying to be happy. They constantly think, if I had this then I would be happy. Not realizing that the pursuit, the journey, to that thing is actually what brings about happiness. I want you to consider this example. There are two people, one who works hard, follows his dreams, and achieves great wealth because of it. The second is a person who is stuck in life, hoping to get lucky, and wins multi-millions in a chance of luck, the lottery. Out of these two people who would have actual long-lasting happiness? Who out of these two individuals would have an everlasting sense of accomplishment, purpose, and fulfillment?

If you guess the man who worked hard you are correct. It is because the man who worked hard on his dreams, and earned his wealth went through a difficult journey. He failed many times, got back up and failed more. He kept on his pursuit of happiness, and in that pursuit, in that journey he developed into a man he can be proud of. The journey was difficult, but gave him a sense of accomplishment and defined his purpose. The journey is what developed him into a happy person.

Happiness isn’t something that you can just find under a rock, at the bottom of a bottle, the end of a cigarette. Genuine happiness is fulfillment. Ask yourself when do you feel most happy? Is it when you have wasted an entire weekend in meaningless enjoyment or is it when you did something you were proud of? This sense of accomplishment leads to feeling productive, a feeling of purpose, and that equates to jubilance radiating from your heart, touching every corner of your well-being.

It is because of this that I urge people who are stuck, depressed, unmotivated, lost, to start implementing small steps in their life that bring about a feeling of accomplishment. Read a book to increase your knowledge, spend 30 minutes at the gym, start eating healthier foods, stop yourself from complaining, surround yourself with positive people, do something for a loved one, anything that makes you feel good about yourself. Everyday fill your life with another positive token, and watch as the pursuit of happiness turns into the most amazing journey of your life.

– Omar M

I have also started a series addressing this very topic on Amazing Life’s YouTube Channel. Look for the first part later today!

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