Eid Mubaruk [Sacrificing Desires]

We all have desires. These deep down impulses that deviate us from the good and shift us into beings of sin. We don’t realize sometimes how our habits feed these harmful desires. We get stuck in a cycle, trying to figure out a way to escape from ourselves. This is what I believe this Eid is all about. It is about that escape, about sacrificing our desires to make way for a much greater desire to please Allah.

I think the contrast between Prophet Ibraheem being asked to sacrifice his son for God, is like when we are faced to sacrifice something we desire for Allah.  This thing we usually desire consumes us, fills us and drives us towards it. It’s a strong pull, a menacing hole that sucks us closer to it and the more we loosen our grip on faith the easier it is to fall in. When Prophet Ibraheem was asked to sacrifice his son his first thoughts were not of fear, or regret, but of understanding. He understood that Allah would never ask him to do anything that would cause him or his son harm. He trusted Allah. He had a deep reflection in his heart that told him His creator knows him better than he knows himself. This step of faith came from a mans heart that was fully attached to Allah.

In todays times we are reminded of the opposite. Instead of overcoming our passions and carnal desires we are told to act upon them at every instance.  Anything you want, from pleasure of the eyes, to the stomach, is delivered in a snap. There is no patience, no self-control.  I believe that this is the true meaning of this Eid. It is to serve as a reminder that we must move our desires from materials in this world to our love for Allah. We must begin to sacrifice things we think we love most to the one that loves us the most. To truly and deeply believe that if our beloved Prophet Ibraheem could give away his son for the love of His lord, and that Ibraheems son could understand that Allah would never do anything to harm him then we can also function in the same way.

It comes from slow constant steps. Everyday work on your biggest desire. Remind yourself why you are holding yourself back from temporary pleasure. Instill within your heart that this small sacrifice will lead to a momentous reward. Because in the end we must understand that whatever it is, it is nothing compared to an ever after of Paradise.

May you all have a blessed Eid!

– Omar M

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