Degradation of a Generation

I still remember to this day waking up early on saturday mornings, grabbing a big bowl of cereal and watching a marathon of cartoons.  We never had cable but that didn’t matter because such great cartoons came on regular television. There was no Hannah Montana, iCarly, Justin Bieber, or the slew of other degrading “kids” shows that are on tv these days. I believe this is a contrast of the good times and bad. When kids minds used to be filled with educational shows like Mr. Rogers, Wishbone, Reading Rainbow and, Bill Nye. All these tv shows had one common theme, they taught kids positive things. They developed kids to read, to explore, to be adventures, imaginative, and creative. These days that theme is quite different.

If you turn on the television and sit down to watch television for an hour you will understand the state of our society. If you however, turn on the tv and find everything that is being shown okay, then you have been fooled out of the problem. You see when we are young our minds are like sponges and whatever is told to us we absorb. It is the parent’s responsibility to be their kids best friends, their mentors, their teachers, to help them reason and figure out what is right from what is wrong. Television is taking over that role. Kids come home from school and the first thing they do is watch tv. Count how many hours of tv you are watching, how many your kids are watching. Understand that people with success don’t watch any television. They use that time to enhance their mind, to fill it with information instead of dead, lifeless material.

As a society we are responsible for one another. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said something beautiful, “The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, fellow-feeling is that of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever.”  If we are to cut ourselves off from those who are destroying themselves then we are leading to our destruction. We must bind together as people and put a stop to this degradation of such a potentially limitless generation. Role models should not come in the form of those like Miley and Bieber. They should come in the form of great thinkers and inventors, authors and poets, artists and innovators. It’s about projecting a constant light into our hearts, about filling our minds and souls with uplifting, educating, mind expanding information. Instead we are not only filling our minds, but our younger generations mind with dumb, unproductive, stupidity. Teaching them to be like their counterparts on tv.  Leaving them alone with a stranger in our living rooms who can mold their minds as he pleases.

Lets work to limit this era of television teaching and raising us. Lets restart the era of people to people interaction. It feels like common sense, but this idea has become archaic, lost in a world of technology love. We must put down the remote, lessen our dependence on screens and focus on our families and friends. To create genuine memories of our own instead of copying the idiots on television.

I want genuine comments on this post, what you think about this subject. I will be writing more regarding this topic. I hope to start a lecture series going school to school helping kids adjust their attention back to books and science and cut the poisonous stronghold television has on our generation.

– Omar M

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