Reflections #02 [Dream Catcher]

I believe everyone wants to achieve their dreams. No one wakes up saying they would like to be broke, living on the street, unambitious and have accomplished nothing. So then why is it that people’s actions don’t match with what they want. If you want to be the fastest runner alive, could you possibly achieve that goal sitting on your couch every hour of every day? If you are striving to become an academic scholar, would it be possible for you to achieve this dream by watching movies the whole day? So, why is it that if you want to achieve some dream, an ambition, a goal you’ve always wanted, do you think you can get there by not actively working towards it everyday?

I encourage people to look at themselves and come to the conclusion that the only thing stopping them going from point A to point B is themselves. A car needs gas to move, the same way people need motivation, self-determination, and a constant belief in their dreams to accomplish them. Sitting lazily, wasting time, day-dreaming, and planning about it won’t get you anywhere. Actions lead to results. Start taking small consistent steps towards accomplishing your dreams. Dont let your lack of enthusiasm make you a subject for failure. Instead rise to the challenge, understand that it will be difficult, but realize that the journey will be immensely more rewarding than, well, whatever time-wasting thing you are in to right now. Live your dreams, instead of sleeping away your life.

– Omar M

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