Reflections #01 [Happiness]

There are so many of us who believe attaining something we desire will automatically make us happy. This is a fools way of thinking. No matter what you attain or achieve your happiness will not come from it. Happiness comes from within. It is a constant pursuit. We pursue it day in and day out, sometimes we have it within our grasp and sometimes it feels an eternity away. This “pursuit of happiness” is actually what brings happiness. The journey is where character is built. It is during the long travel that memories are made, those memories that you wouldn’t have if you were to skip to the end. 

I believe that to be happy, you have to think positively. No matter what might be going on in your life right now, you honestly have not one reason to not be happy. To attain it however, you must change the way you think. See most of us think in a negative, close-minded, argumentative, nothing-ever-goes-my-way…way. We don’t appreciate the small moments that make up our dynamic lives. We don’t focus on the blessings we have instead focusing on what we haven’t yet received.  

Someone who is trying to lose weight will not become happy if they suddenly become their ideal weight. It comes from the constant failure, the struggle, the journey. In this journey if you are negative the whole time, your end result will also be negative. If however you are positive every step of the way, you will notice that you not only feel better outside, but will feel extraordinary inside as well. Life is a matter of perspective. You either live life with an optimistic outlook, or let life pass by with constant thoughts of depression. 

– Omar M

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