Remembering People (9/11)

I am a Muslim, but more so I am a human being. I stand for what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stood for which was Mercy to all of mankind. He taught us the importance of being kind to everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs. There are a few who have decimated the image of Islam. Lets not strengthen them today, lets instead strengthen the memories of those who passed away. Lets not commemorate a date, but the memories of people, living souls and beating hearts who were fathers, mothers, friends and family to many. Lets make today a day we empower the good they stood for. A day we reflect on the evils inside our hearts and promise to vanquish them. To fill our minds with thoughts, not of revenge, but of forgiveness. It is an eye for an eye that makes the whole world blind. Today must be a day greater than images of falling buildings, horror, and violence. It must be commemorated as a day we learned to unite as ambassadors of peace. To eradicate the evils of this world by using our words, for words will always be mightier then any sword. So lets take a moment and reflect, to remember that although there might be evil in this world, the good in people will always outweigh the bad. Today is a day of peace. Of reminding ourselves that we are human beings, not animals out for blood.  So take a break, breath, close your eyes and reflect, pray, and smile, knowing that today is a day remembered, not for those who caused bloodshed, but for those amazing souls who remind us that we are people first, and everything else second.

I pray for those lost souls and families. May Allah make this burden easier on them, may He ease the pain and grant those who died an easy passing into Heaven. May He help us all to come together in times of hardship, to raise us beyond our animalistic qualities and usher us into being great. May He give us all happiness within our hearts, and unite us all with the commonality of peace.

– Omar M

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