Breaking Definitions

Words are powerful. They can damage an ego, or mend a broken heart. They can rip apart friendships, or bring loved ones closer.  Words can be typhoons of destruction, or the nourishing rain that brings life. We are surrounded by them. We read, hear, talk, in multiple languages, sometimes creating our own distinct flavor of a language. Words play a central role in our lives, and most often than not we let these words define us.

If you sit in a quite room, with no sounds coming in or out you will still hear talking. Whispers coming from the inner depths of your mind. This is called self-talk. These conversations have a huge impact on us. Most of us let our subconscious bully us day and night. A negative back and forth, “you are so fat, you are ugly, stupid, no good, never will do anything good, you can’t accomplish this, never, wont, cant…” it goes on and on.  Although it might seem like nothing, these invisible words have an extraordinary material effect on our demeanor. Without even knowing it we are defining ourselves. Categorizing ourselves into losers, worthless, ugly, not good enough. It is easy to let your mind flow to a negative space. Easy to let your subconscious assault you. To stay down, to be stuck. The challenge is to force your mind to think positively. Instead of looking at yourself through a dark, mucked up, “you are worthless” filter, look at yourself as a powerful, independent, amazing being who has the immense fortune of everything to gain and nothing to lose. We become so adapt at cursing ourselves when we should be nurturing our inner-selves.  Understand that it is you and only you who can define yourself. Understand that you are worthy of being defined by the most eloquent of words.  Don’t belittle your amazing-self. Be free from these self-created burdens, and break the chains of vicious negativity. Only then will you set yourself up for success, instead of setting yourself for failure. Have conversations of positivity. Remind yourself of your greatness. Celebrate your losses for they are the catalyst for your constant betterment. The past is the past, learn from it and move on. Don’t let your mistakes define you, rather, let them be a reminder to you, of what you were and how much you have grown. You have, no matter what you might tell yourself, the immense ability to control your destiny. It all begins with an unwavering belief in yourself. Words are powerful, but once you learn to be a master to them you will no longer be a slave of them.

This is a vast topic, which I will be covering in multiple parts. The second part will talk about how not to let others define us.

– Omar M

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