Death of Patience

Instant gratification. This is the world we live in. Everything is delivered to us by the touch of a screen, a flick of a switch. From the food we eat, to the way we consume products we have become a fast-give-me-what-i-want-this-second generation. Patience in essence has been sacrificed.

A farrago of live in the moment, don’t think about tomorrow, stay forever young mentality exists within a vast population all over the world. This ideology is reinforced constantly to the point where to look up and see our future has all but been blinded by the pursuit of now. Like cows who don’t know the cosmos exist over its head because they are focused only on grazing the ground below. We too have become so attached to the material earth we forget to think about what might be coming ahead. I see people who start working out, only to give up because they don’t have a six-pack in the first week. I see people who start improving on breaking a bad habit only to fall back because they don’t see any immediate effects. No one saves anymore because we are constantly buying what we can’t afford tomorrow, today. Instant gratification.

This death of patience is plaguing our hearts. We need to start thinking, reflecting, understanding the impact our actions will have on our future. Imagine this, right now, no matter how old you are the decisions you make will have a powerful effect on you three, five, ten years from now. Then imagine yourself three, five, ten years from now and imagine being able to stop yourself from making those poor decisions. No matter how you act, feel, look, think, it’s about breaking bad habits. You have all the power to alter the course of your destiny. To impact your future. To mold yourself into being anything you want to be. It just starts with today, not tomorrow, or I’ll start working out and eating healthy on Monday, because it’s not about talking about starting, it’s about actually starting this moment. Every time you make a bad choice it adds up to another bad choice you’ll make and the pattern keeps going and going until you have a string of poor decisions that have all compounded to result in who you are this MOMENT. Do you see how that works? Now if you had instead made positive choices, and kept linking it with more and more positive choices they would all add up and result in a happier, more productive, energetic you. You didn’t become who you are overnight, it took time, and to reverse any negative effects it will take patience but it will be the most gratifying feeling in the world.  It’s all about the choices we make, coupled with patience and the end result is cosmic…we just have to stop grazing and raise our heads so we can keep our eyes on the future.

– Omar M

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