Feeding your Desires

Today I was at a meeting and as lunch time approached pizza that the host had ordered arrived and was placed at the table. Everyone started getting up and took their first couple slices. I have been trying to maintain a healthy life-style so I took the smallest slice I could find and sat down. As I watched I noticed something. I noticed how people attacked their food like cows being given grain after a long day. They kept eating, and eating, and eating. I was still hungry but a thought occurred to me. With the amount I ate my hunger was satisfied, if I were to eat more I would now be feeding my desire.

Our Prophet pbuh said: “O, son of Adam, eat with one-third of your stomach and drink with one-third and leave one-third of your stomach to breathe so that you may think.” So much of our days are focused around food. We as Americans are the biggest extremist when it comes to eating. We have extreme hot dog eating competitions, massive buffets, thousand calorie drinks. Lets try breathing. Empty yourself of all the toxins that drag you down, that cling to your ribs making you feel lethargic and heavy.

Start with cutting one fattening food out of your diet, then everyday compound on it by eating ten calories less. That is it.  Just reduce your caloric intake by 10 calories everyday. Keep a food journal and write down ever single thing you put in your mouth. This will force you to see how much is going in your stomach. As the days turn into weeks keep reducing 10 calories everyday, if that’s to hard eat 50 fewer calories every week. The secret is to be constant. Everyone starts something, but how many remain constant in their path? No one should settle and be happy with their current conditions, we should be improving on every aspect of our beings. Mind. Body. Soul. Heart.

I will be including health and wellness as a part of my categories. Lets help each other in our constant improvement.

– Omar M

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