Rocks in a River

Hudaithl Yamani said that the end of times wont come until Muslims are like a big rock in a river. They dont drink from it and they dont let others drink from it. 

As Muslims we are to open doors of mercy, not close out people we do not deem good enough. We are not judges to judge those who have sinned a hundred, a thousands times. Allahs Mercy, His forgiveness is intertwined in the very fabric of our religion. If we tear out this essential part of our deen what are we left with? We are left with people who are devoid from humanity. We become monsters who rule with arrogance, with hatred, with a false sense of self-righteousness. How can we call ourselves Muslim, a term that literally means to submit to the will of God, and our God is one of Mercy?How can we go around pushing our opinions on to others and say we are submitting to the will of Allah? Ask your self! Dont be like a rock, disturbing the flow of a river, instead be like a drop of water that flows effortlessly in the river of Islam.

Reflect on yourself, we all have our vices, our faults, that we should be working on, not pulling out the faults of others for all to see. Be a cloak to your fellow humans faults, and a mirror to them in private. To help them for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of your own ego. I hope we can understand that we need to help this Ummah. We have too many pointing fingers, we need more intertwined hands. 

– Omar M. 


2 Comments on “Rocks in a River

  1. Salaamu Alaikum! JazakAllahu khayran (may God reward you abundantly) for this sharing beautiful message.

    BTW (if possible and if you have it), I wanted to know the source of the first quote (about how the Muslims would be like a rock in a river).


    • Salaam,

      I am sorry I do not know the specific lecture I heard it from, but it was a Hamza Yusuf lecture. If I come across it again I will be sure to email you.

      Thank you for visiting and leaving your thoughts!


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