End Days (Ramadan)

Some of us excepted this great month, held it close to their hearts and took advantage of it. Some of us met Ramadan like an old friend, hugging it tight, staying up late into the night talking and catching up with all that was missed. Then there were some, like me, who took Ramadan for granted. Watched the days turn into nights. Watched the moon go from a sliver in the night to its great glorifying fullness. We sat back and thought, next Ramadan I will do better. Remember that next Ramadan you and I might not be here to witness the warmth, the love, the Mercy that accompanies this month. Lets not forget that Ramadan although almost over is not yet over. It is not too late to embrace this month, in its last couple days and hold it tight. To hold it in our arms like a long lost brother. To cry upon his shoulder and shout Allah Hu Akhbar. To stand up and reflect on all that Allah swt has given us. How his Mercy not matter how much we waiver remains constant. We must remember that it is not what we do tomorrow that defines us, but what we do right now, this second, that will define our tomorrows. So take advantage of these last nights. Stay up and pray. Stay up and show your Rabb how much you love Him. For He loves us with such force, with such depth that if we were to think and count all our blessings our eyes would swim in tears. Our hearts would drown in our love for Him. Dont let your mistakes define your future, ask for forgiveness, turn to Allah and say Allah Hu Akbar. He is our Lord. He is our now, our future. May we all be granted Paradise. Ameen.

– Omar M. 

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