Oasis among Deserts

Commend people on the good they hold in their hearts instead of reminding them of their shortcomings. Be a force that brings out hidden diamonds. Look at people with forgiveness, letting go of their humanity, rather than bringing out their animalistic qualities. Strive each and every single day to be an oasis in a vast desert of lost souls. A guide to gently bring people back to the light. A flame that warms cold hearts. Lets make it a point to understand that we are emotional beings, we learn from our mistakes, not criticism. Our wounds are healed by compliments. We group together with those that understand us, so be understanding. Be loving. Be caring. Lets all remember, that our goal in life is simple…to help those around us. That was the single biggest trait of our Prophet…his mercy. That is the single greatest aspect of Allah. For no matter how hard we try, how many good deeds we amass, it is only through His Mercy that we will be admitted into Paradise.

– Omar M.

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