Day & Night

Day and night. Light and dark. Good and evil. Our lives are filled with contrasts. They help us realize and differentiate one thing from another. Giving us a measure to appreciate the immense blessings in every aspect of our lives.  If the sun never dipped into the horizon, being replaced by the calm of the moon, we would get tired of daytime. If heavy clouds never thundered after a long stretch of heat we wouldn’t appreciate it as much if the rains were constant. Allah (swt) has made this life in complete balance.

This balance has to be established in our hearts in order for us to perform optimally. We notice our characters becoming increasingly depressed when we put in our souls that which is harmful, not expiating our sins with the act of worship. This is why establishing good in this world makes our balance tip in our favor. We feel happier when we have prayed, helped others, given charity, because these acts counter our vices, balancing our internal scales.

InshaAllah lets make it a habit to contrast our actions to those of our beloved Prophet. Next time when its raining, remind yourself, if it wasn’t for this rain a beautiful cloudless sunny day wouldn’t appear as extraordinary.

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