Shattered Dreams

What makes someone lose their drive, their ambition? Why is it that a majority of humans settle for “good enough”? How come when we are young we dream to attain greatness, but as the years go on we settle for mediocre? I have been reflecting a lot on myself, and realized that I have been living a false version of myself. I noticed that my drive and ambition to be who I want to be was replaced with who I can be with the least amount of effort.

Our prophet said: “Seek knowledge wherever you may find it” He urged us to go on a life long pursuit of perfecting ourselves. What happened from then to now that so many of us are content with being just…. average? These are questions that we don’t ask ourselves.  Society tell us what we can and cant do, what we should and shouldn’t become, how we should act, what we can make, what dreams we can fulfill…. and I am here to tell every single one of you that this box that you have trapped yourself into has to be shattered.

We must understand that anything and everything we want to accomplish can be accomplished. We live in a world that tells us constantly that we are going to fail. You can’t do this, you wont become that…well, who are they to tell you what you can and can’t do. It is up to you to attain greatness, and that’s the key. Many people fool themselves into thinking that it is because of their race, their creed, their sex, their education, their environment that leads them to failure. On the contrary these are all just excuses we use to hide behind, because the reality is much more painful. Many of the greatest people to have influences this world were much worse off then you but they overcame those hurdles and made their dreams reality.

As Muslims, we have a duty to ourselves to be the greatest we can be. Our Prophet was illiterate, orphaned, poor, and hated by some of the most powerful men of his time and yet he overcame his self and became a master of his soul. That’s what we must learn to do, to become masters of ourselves. It is easy to say I can’t do this because of this. It is much harder, yet at the same time immensely more rewarding to say I will do this even in the face of all my adversity.

May Allah help each and every one of you in attaining your dreams. You can do anything you want, this is why we have the power to be greater then the Angles, but remember it is up to you to change your condition and that is why Allah says in Surah Ar-Ra’d: Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.

– Omar Malik

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