Almost Free

Living in America I have grown accustomed to seeing money out weigh the comforts of an individual. I have spent a lot of time traveling and I’m amazed by the burden that is put on the customer. Airlines delay flights, canceling with no compensation to weary travelers. How the American business model has de-evolved. It used to be customer first, now it’s about putting as much cash into the pockets of those who don’t even know what economy class feels like.

Reflecting on the state of this country Im constantly reminded of its past. An age where companies and governments were scared of letting down the people. These days, sadly I am more afraid of these billion dollar corporations. There misuse of our earth. The greed they exude. The power they hold within our government. If the government is supposed to represent its people how is it that what the majority of the people want they dont get. Instead of passing a law that would require background checks for those buying firearms, the law was rejected on the basis that it would  limit the constitutional freedom to carry a gun. Are these really freedoms? I live in a country where a maniac is free to purchase a gun and kill innocent children, that doesn’t make me feel free. Instead it makes me feel on edge, on my toes. It’s a false illusion of freedom. It’s like putting up a fence in a pasture and saying you’re free, as long as you don’t leave this confinement. What you’re left with is a nation constantly trying to get on the other side of that fence. The key to finding your way to the other side requires a mountain of wealth. That’s the only way we can justify how banks whose CEOs make millions of dollars can swindle millions of Americans and not face the severity of the law that a person robbing a gas station for a couple hundred dollars would face. So I think it’s time for an update on our national anthem…America the land of the almost free.

These are just my reflections. I don’t believe in conspiracies, just facts. I see the great potential this country has, but it lies in the common man not the one percent. As with diamonds, they must be put under extreme pressure before they emerge a brilliant stone. Prophet Muhammad said the success of a community is their support of each offer and then he intertwined his fingers, saying, like this.

– Omar Malik

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