Our Beloved Prophet

Our beloved Prophet faced some of the most vile people who ever lived this earth. He was constantly attacked, insulted, humiliated, but in the face of it all he never broke. He never retaliated with violence, or anger. Our Prophet taught us patience, he taught us love, he taught us humanity. 

In recent weeks I see more and more Muslims attacking, burning, killing innocent people all in the name of defending our Prophet. It saddens me that if the Prophet were here, among us right now, how disappointed he would be in their actions. He taught us that a human life is worth more then the Kabaa being destroyed and rebuilt seven times. That just a drop of human blood, one drop is worth more to Allah then the destruction of His Kaabah. He taught us that evil isn’t returned with more evil, but instead retuned with good.  How many examples do we need, how many hadiths, stories, and recollections from his life do we have but we choose to ignore. 

I just dont understand how we can call ourselves Muslims but act like pigs. Act like immature, idiotic creatures not worthy of carrying the honor that comes with Islam. We are not a nation of violence; we are not a nation of taking an eye for an eye. Rather we are an ummah of understanding, of knowledge, of sincerity. We are a people bound by a religion that spreads mercy and peace.  

We have so many people in this world working 24/7 to degrade us. To step on us and to make us act like they want. These people who portray us as violent terrorist, who show images of us as killers, who parade around showing the world how low our religion is. That is their job, and from what I can see they are succeeding. We have gone astray from the teachings of our Prophet. He would have never accepted the sort of retaliation that is going on because of one persons vile actions. He would have never stood with us arm in arm throwing rocks, killing innocent, and even going so far as to put a death warrant on the film makers life. He would have shown patience. 

To elaborate on my point I would like to end with this story from our Prophets life. It is an amazing story and one that holds within it much thought and reflection.  I could never reiterate it as good as my favorite Sheik, Hamza Yusuf. Please watch, reflect, and lets change the way we face actions against us. Let us embody the sunnah of our Prophet in our hearts instead of following a surface skin Islam. 

 Hamza Yusuf Video – 


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