Perfect Creation

I never understood atheists, the same way they can never understand me. To me its confusing, baffling even, how someone can live their life thinking this world wasn’t created by Allah. These days so many companies strive for products that are aesthetically perfect. Steve Jobs was relentless on making even the internal components of all his products aesthetically pleasing. Whats  more is that all of these products, these machines , as slick and aesthetic as they look they are nothing compared with the creation of Allah.

One of the reasons I loved Biology so much in college was because it amazed me how perfect Allah has made every detail in our bodies. From our faces, to the atoms that we cant even see, everything is made in balance. When you look at cells under a microscope you see how extraordinary it is to have such small particles that have been crafted to perfection. For anyone to claim that this just came to be, that there was no Creator, is saddening.

Allah swt tell us that he who He guides no one can misguide and he who He misguides no one can guide. If we think about this deeply we understand that our Creator is in the eye of the beholder. If we step out into the world with appreciation and amazement for all His creations then each one of those things will strengthen our faith, reaffirm it, until no one can bring even the slightest doubt into our hearts.

May Allah swt never make us from those whose souls are blind, whose hearts hardened, and whose eyes continue to misguide them.

– Omar Malik

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