Views from Abroad

Going back to Pakistan always serves as a reminder of how luxuriously we live our lives in America. Being here during Ramadan opens my eyes to how simple life is here, how the lack of distractions gives way to a sense of calm. The thing that strikes me most is how many distractions we actually have in “first world”countries. Being in a place where there is no electricity half the time, water comes and goes on a set schedule and the luxuries attached to both are rendered useless. This in its essence is the spirit of Ramadan. To distance yourself from the distractions and attachments of this world so that our hearts can come back to Allah.

I have been here almost a week now, and what really amazes me is how much slower time moves. Days stretch on for weeks to the point where a week feels like an eternity. Whats more is its refreshing, its humbling, and its a reminder I receive every time I visit. Living in America I feel like I am sucked into this world where everything is about greed, about money, about power, sex, profanity, all the things we are to keep away from. They are like two worlds, a materialistically centered one, and one where materials are instead just the bare minimum.

Ramadan here has been a breath of fresh air. Hearing the Azhan filling the air brings such peace to my heart. Sure Pakistan has its own set of problems, and difficulties, but both worlds are similar in this, that no matter where you live Allah is with us. He is watching us, helping us, and looking out for us. It is only when you see the night that you appreciate the day. Only when its hot we appreciate the cold. In the same sense, coming here is like seeing another side of the world. Coming here is understanding what is important from whats not, and that’s a lesson I am thankful to Allah for giving me this Ramadan.

I hope everyone’s Ramadan is going well and we continue to strive to fix our conditions, and problems. That we understand that just because shaytan is locked up it doesn’t mean we don’t have man-made shayateen around us. We must lock them up as well, we need to put our tv away, put our wants away, put our entertainment away and instead stand before Allah, just His creation and Him, and thank Him for everything we have.

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