Ambassadors of Islam

There was a post by someone online today in which they said “I have never seen a religious person do good because of their religion”  This got me thinking how important it is to uphold ourselves as examples of Islam. We have eyes on our actions everywhere we are. In the airport when we are stopped people are watching to see how we will react, when we are hassled for something insignificant by the cops, or looked at the wrong way by our neighbors. There are so many situations where we have a chance to show how beautiful Islam is. How we remain patient in the face of those who try and bring us down. That we care for the neighbors that live around us, even if they have made up their minds about all Muslims being terrorists.

We need to start becoming more conscience of our actions, and how they reflect not only on us but upon our ummah. We cant be selfish in thinking that my actions don’t matter because they do. What you do, or say, or how you behave is attached to us being Muslim. Whats more is this shouldn’t be very hard for us to do. We are a people who are to be kind to each other, people of respect for those around us. We have in our religion rights for women, children, the elderly, plants, animals, even how we are to treat our enemies. Our Prophet pbuh treated his enemies with kindness. His sunnah was to smile in the face of his brothers and sisters. He laughed with them, gave them advice, treated their property with the same trust he would if it was his own. He was perfect, and it is to be noted he was, like us, human.

We as individuals need to understand that this ummah is in need of better examples. Is in need of people who are not self involved but are selfless. We must gather the strength within us to forgive, not to seek vengeance. Establish communities that are like an oasis, in that anyone can take refuge in them. No matter what happens, no matter what people do or say to us, their judgment is not in our hands and the moment we make it our job to act out judgment is the moment we see our Ummah start to fall by the wayside.

– Omar Malik

2 Comments on “Ambassadors of Islam

  1. I’ve heard similar in Christian communities. Usually it’s along the lines of: if you aren’t going to act like a Christian all the time, don’t tell people you are a Christian because they are just waiting to point a finger at you. Your actions reflect your religious beliefs. Yes, I agree with that to an extent. But I also think that regular people can never truly be 100% perfect and to expect them to be is to set them up for failure. For me, it’s the journey and how we treat our traveling companions on the way. If someone treats me with kindness, I don’t think to myself, “Aha, they are a Muslim, Christian, Buddhists…” I think, “What a nice person!” I think when you can live your belief without any labels, then you have traveled far on the road of life.


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