When was the last time we sat down and thought about everything we have done? We are living in a society where there is an increasing amount of distractions around us. Everything from televised sports, to music, to facebook. We have become absorbed in the materialistic world, and this isnt by coincidence. 

Shaitan has promised to distract us, to take us away from Allah, to corrupt the heart of men. That is his challenge, that is his game and we can see it all around us. How many millions of people watch with such passion the NBA, NFL, soccer, tennis, NASCAR…. Just this last year, the Superbowl was watched by 166 million people around the world. That is an astronomical number of people, sitting, drinking, being brainwashed by commercials specifically made for the Super Bowl. Facebook now has almost 1 billion users worldwide. 1 billion people. All of these things seem like such innocent aspects of our lives, but if we reflect, if we look deeper we find that these things have become like idols. Seriously, think about it, when was the last time you missed prayer because you were busy watching tv? Or you didnt read the Quran because you were busy reading the complaints of people on facebook? How many times have these things stole our hearts from matters more meaningful to our hereafter?

We are now so involved in our virtual selves that we dont pay attention to those around us. So many times I find people sitting in groups, and instead of having a conversation, everyone has their heads bent over their phones, texting, facebooking, tweeting. We have become obsessed. I say we, because I am a part of the statistic. It is we, us, as an ummah who have this problem and we must look inside ourselves and realize what is important. We were created for one simple reason, to serve Allah. To live in this world in a state of a traveler. Instead we have tied ourselves down, chained ourselves to this world. 

Breaking those chains requires us to first realize what our priorities are. Where have we put Allah on our list of things. We must break away from our distracting lives and think about our actions and their effects. Each and every single one of us has flaws, but instead of working on them we take it upon ourselves to point out the deficiencies of others. I want each and everyone of us to take just 20 minutes a day, after Ishaa, to think about all we said and did during the day. To really look inside of ourselves and pick a flaw that needs correcting and work on it. Slowly, fixing, repairing ourselves. To sit and just think about where you have came from, how far you have come. Count, on a daily basis, all the blessings of Allah. Gifts, literally these are gifts from His mercy that He has sent down to each and every single one of us. I think about all the things He has given me and it makes my heart tremble knowing that even with all the sins I have committed, even with my weak heart He gives me such profound gifts. If we dont think about these things our hearts will never be moved, we will never see how much Allah has given us and how much He loves us. Thinking about these things refreshes our faith in Islam, it strengthens our love for Allah.

I hope that we can start becoming people of depth, people of understanding. That we understand our actions effect others, that our tongues and the words we say have a powerful impact on those around us. We are an ummah whose goal is the same, to enter Paradise. We are to be each others strengths, not a megaphone for each others weaknesses. InshAllah we can take 20 minutes out each day and reflect, in the hopes that we can find ourselves through the chaos. 

– Omar Malik 

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