Broken Expectations

We have all had our expectations in others shattered. Friends, family, those we love sooner or later disappoint us and when they do we feel angry, sad, alone. The way our hearts feel is related to who we attach them too. If we attach our hearts to this world then we will always be in a state of flux. Happy one second, sad the next. Its the nature of this world. It is inconsistent, temporary, and soon it will end. People are the same. We arent perfect, so if we attach our hearts to something that is we will immediatly see a change in us.

If we look around at everything that surrounds us we see  only one thing is truly perfect and that is our Rabb. He is the only One we should attach our hearts too. He doesnt disappoint, rather he teaches. He doesnt make us sad, rather he removes our sins. He doesn’t give us short term joy, rather he gives us a chance at being eternally happy. He is where our love for everything else should come from. We should love people through Him. Love this world and all its beauty because it came from Him. Moments both sad and happy should be reminders of His love for us. In this way we are never hurt, we are never disappointed and we never feel alone.

Strive in attaching your hearts to Allah, and always remember we arent supposed to feel peace in this world, that is reserved for us in Paradise.

– Omar Malik

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