Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is bliss. Its a common English expression that many people never live. The problem lies within the meaning of happiness. If we reflect upon our lives we often feel as if happiness is something we are constantly perusing, but never achieved. Like a moment, its fleeting, and we are never able to grasp it. Why is that? We feel lonely, depressed, sad, angry even, at our current circumstances. Always wishing, if we had this I would be happy…or if I got that I would find peace. This is a vicious cycle we all fall into and it is not until we stop, climb out, and re-arrange our definition and our pursuit of happiness that we will truly come to a state of peace.

I always think about how if I got married I would find happiness, that with marriage comes family, kids all the things that Ive always wanted, but is that true? Will that bring me joy, will that calm the trouble I feel in my heart? After reflecting, I figured out that I was looking at it the wrong way. Its in the nature of humans to be want more, after I get married then what? I will want kids, then my happiness will be raising them, putting them through school, saving money for college, planning their marriages, and while there is nothing wrong with wanting that, its when we keep wanting more we fall into despair. Narrated by Ibn Abas: heard the Prophet saying, “If the son of Adam had two valley of gold, he would wish for a third, for nothing can fill the belly of Adam’s son except dust, and Allah forgives him who repents to Him.”

Think about what made you happy when you were younger, would those things still bring you the same amount of happiness now? We are always changing, growing, and with that our perspectives change, our wants, our desires, our dreams change and the things that we found happiness in change. There is no constant, that is life, everything is in balance…good times and bad, but the one thing that always remains constant no matter what is Allah. If we bind everything we do, every action we take, every breath we breath to the love of Allah then we see that we will go through this life with a sense of calm. When everything around us is changing, when life knocks us down, when those people we love no longer love us back we will find ease in knowing that our happiness no longer comes form these things anymore, it no longer rises with the sun and sets with the glimmer of the sky…we are instead awed by the sunrise and smile during sunset knowing our Rab is the creator of all we see.

Everything we need comes from Him. Its really that simple. Its inside our hearts where we make matters complex. Where doubt enters, and panic lives. Our hearts are frail, they are weak, but they also know the truth, so remind yourself why we are living this life. Its not to attain wealth, its not to work relentlessness for bosses who gain from our hard work, its not to waste time watching tv, its to serve Him. He created us, gave us everything we need even if we’re too blind to see it, we must make it a point to come back to our senses. To stop falling into this cycle where we keep running after the world. Stop, take a breath, and instead let the world chase you, because when you do you’ll see everything that’s always been around you , and finally notice all the things you’ve missed.

– Omar Malik

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