Fatima bint Muhammad (radi Allahu anha) narrated: “Allah’s Messenger passed by me and I was lying down. He stirred me with his foot and said, ‘O my daughter! Get up and behold the gift of your Lord and do not be neglectful, for Allah distributes livelihood from the appearance of Fajr (dawn) to sunrise.” [Baihaqi]

Imagine the excitement we get from receiving gifts, wether they are from our family or friends we feel loved to receive them. Our Prophet is telling us in this Hadith that Allah has gifts for us, gifts that He holds for us to take yet we keep hitting snooze missing out on amazing opportunities to get closer to Allah and receive His gifts. Although it is hard to wake up so early it is something we should work towards attaining. We flock in drones to get the latest deals on Black Friday, sometimes not sleeping the whole night just to attain something materialistic that will provide no benefit to us in the hereafter. Why not instead think of Fajr as the ultimate deal, only it is free and requires no major effort, only the battle with shaitan. Think of it this way, that every time we miss Fajr it’s as if we have lost a battle with shaitan, letting him win, letting him defeat us. And ask ourselves do we really want to trade the gifts of Allah for a couple hours of sleep, those same couple of hours that we will regret as we lay in our graves sleeping until the Day of Judgment.

I intend this note for me first and foremost, as a reminder to myself and iA to everyone.

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